Door to Door Courier Services

Direct, same day delivery of goods from one address to another

A fast, trusted and secure door to door courier service.

UK wide delivery from and to any address. Collected within 60 minutes and delivered the same day.

  • Direct from collection to recipient – no stops or changeovers in between
  • Fast collection – collection within 60 minutes or at pre-agreed time
  • Secure – your goods never leave the vehicle until they’re delivered
  • Reliable – stay updated with real-time expected arrival times

Our experienced and capable drivers will collect your shipment from one address and deliver it directly, with no drop-offs or collections throughout the journey. The vehicle will be completely dedicated to the delivery of your shipment until it has safely arrived and been accepted at its destination. 

Our same-day door to door parcel delivery service operates nationwide and can deliver your goods safely and quickly to any UK location. This includes heavy, urgent and perishable items.

Evo Logistics makes the process of transporting goods easy. We take care of everything, while you sit back and relax.

door to door delivery

How does door-to-door shipping work?

  1. Book a courier via a simple online form, or by calling our booking team
  2. Your driver will arrive at your door within 60 minutes of confirming your booking (or at the arranged time) and collect your shipment. 
  3. The goods will be loaded into a secure Evo Logistics vehicle
  4. Your dedicated driver will transport your shipment directly to its destination, with no drop-offs or pick-ups along the way. 
  5. You will receive regular tracking updates with photographic evidence on the Evo Logistics online portal. 
  6. Lastly, your shipment will arrive safely at its destination nationwide.
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Trusted door to door couriers

We can handle it: Our wide range of vehicle types and sizes means that our door to door courier service is suitable for private customers and businesses looking to move anything quickly and securely from one location to another, no matter how big or small. 

Fast collection: Our 60-minute ‘On-The-Move’ pledge promises to have your shipment collected within 60 minutes of confirming your booking (or at the arranged time). Your goods will be travelling directly to their destination in no time.

Safe and secure: Trust Evo Logistics’ door to door courier service to ensure that your letters will never leave the van and enter a network. Your driver will be dedicated to fulfilling your delivery, meaning no multi-drop deliveries, no depots, networks or warehouses.

Look at us go: You’ll be kept up to date with real-time expected arrival times. You will receive progress updates, including photographic evidence throughout your shipment’s journey.

Prices for door to door courier services

The price for your door to door courier service will depend on a few factors. 

  • The size of the goods you need transported
  • The distance between collection and final delivery point

You can get an idea of the price for your particular requirement by using our instant quote tool.

Ready to send?

Our team can help you work out what you need and organise all the logistics in between.

For any other enquiries please call our Head Office on: 0333 188 5391.

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Frequently asked questions.

Same Day Delivery Services

Move goods from door to door the very same day.

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Ensure that your goods arrive at the recipient’s door the next morning.

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