Same Day Letter Delivery

Fast collection and secure same day delivery of letters across the UK

Letter collection within 60 minutes and direct delivery with no stops in between.

Why use us over a traditional postal service such as Royal Mail?

  • Collection within 60 minutes of booking or at scheduled time
  • Direct delivery, your letter goes directly to the recipient with no stops in between
  • Minimal processing, your letter is collected and delivered without any stops at processing buildings
  • Guaranteed delivery the same day with photo confirmation
  • Stay updated with real-time expected arrival times

Do you need to send a letter or document urgently from A to B within the UK? Evo Logistics’ same day letter delivery service is several steps above Royal Mail, offering immediate collection (within 60 minutes) and speedy delivery. 

With our dedicated same-day service, your documents will be transported directly to their UK destination, without stopping for drop-offs or collections along the way.

If you need paperwork on a client’s desk by the afternoon, a passport delivered by midnight, or any other urgent letter or paperwork delivery, look no further than Evo Logistics to ensure a fast and secure solution nationwide.

envelopes of letters

Who is the same day letter delivery service for?

Our same day document delivery service is suitable for solicitors, lawyers, legal departments, banks, accountants, schools, colleges, universities, government departments, councils, and more. It can also be used by private customers. 

We offer a completely different service to Royal Mail: your driver will be totally dedicated to transporting your shipment. They will collect your letter or documents from one UK address and drive directly to their destination, nationwide. This service is specifically designed for time-sensitive documents which cannot be delayed by sorting, waiting for collection, or multi-drop deliveries. Your driver will have one job: to securely transport your letter to its recipient.


Why choose us for your same day letter delivery?

Our service is different from that offered by traditional postal services. It’s designed to be fast, reliable and most of all, secure.

  • Collection within 60 of booking confirmation or at agreed time
  • UK wide same day delivery
  • Wide range of vehicles to suit any event size
  • Direct delivery, no stops or changeovers
  • Stay updated with real-time expected arrival times

Ready to send?

Our team can help you work out what you need and organise all the logistics in between.

For any other enquiries please call our Head Office on 01603 574 966

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Frequently asked questions.

Same Day Delivery Services
  • Letters collected and delivered the same day
  • Can be collected and delivered to anywhere in the UK
Overnight Courier Services
  • Guarantee that important documents will be in someone’s hands in the morning
Scheduled Delivery Courier Services
  • Organise and schedule the collection and delivery of documents for future logistics