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Do you or your organisation need a safe and secure specimen samples delivery like coronavirus tests to major labs around the country? Look no further than Evo Logistics as your go-to UN3373 courier to deliver your samples safely and timely. Our temperature-controlled vehicles, combined with our experienced and capable drivers, are adequately equipped to transport these Category B biological substances. We enforce high standards of infection control, driver, and vehicle safety throughout the specimen transport. By partnering with us, you are guaranteed:

Why choose Evo Logistics?

Expertise in sample delivery: Our drivers fully understand the extra responsibility of transporting specimens like coronavirus tests. We also abide by the WHO’s guidance on Regulations for Transporting Infectious Substances 2019-2020.
High security throughout transport: Evo Logistics transports your specimen safely to major labs around the country such as Honeyman and Randox. Due to our focus on infection control, driver, and vehicle safety, you can count on your tests to be delivered without risking others’ health and safety.
Fit to Fly tests delivery: Many countries now demand a negative COVID-19 swab test and a certificate to prove you aren’t infected with the virus. We can deliver your samples to these labs safely and on time, ensuring that you receive your certificate and tests results before your trip is due.
Direct and secure service: We deliver directly to whichever labs you want your samples taken to. Also, since we prioritise your samples’ safety, count on us to ensure that these tests will never leave the van and enter into a network.

You can reach us on 01603 574 966 to get your sample delivered safely.

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