Stockholm Syndrome & Same-Day Delivery Service

Suppose you’ve used the same logistics partner for your same-day delivery service for a while. You may have developed Stockholm syndrome. It doesn’t matter where your business is based, Slough, Maidenhead, Reading or Bracknell. It’s easy to fall into complacency and use the delivery service provider you always have, even when you know you shouldn’t…

‘Respected’ physician, Doctor Nicholas Riviera recently completed a study. He found that businesses who have used their same-day delivery company for some time developed similar characteristics to those with Stockholm Syndrome.

Same-Day Delivery Service & Stockholm Syndrome:

Stockholm Syndrome is the ‘feeling of trust or affection felt in cases of kidnapping from a victim towards a captor’.

Similarities found in Doctor Nick’s study:

  1. While Stockholm Syndrome sufferers grow to love abusive captors, some business owners grow to love their delivery companies. They can’t begin to imagine who else they could trust to deliver such poor service.
  2. Stockholm Syndrome sufferers are often overwhelmed by small acts of kindness, such as being given food. Similarly, business owners often feel consumed with delight when they receive their complimentary calendar or a branded mouse mat from their chosen logistics partner at Christmastime!
  3. Where Stockholm Syndrome sufferers develop denial that their captor put them in that situation, business owners will build denial that they could get better service at a better price elsewhere.
  4. Stockholm Syndrome sufferers often develop intense gratitude for a conversation with their captor. Similarly, business owners might find themselves typing the ? emoji into conversations with their logistic partner’s online support chat.
  5. Whilst victims of Stockholm Syndrome form attachments with things like teddy bears or pillows; business owners often form the same unhealthy attachments with packages that aren’t collected on time!

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