Level Up Your Business With A Premium Courier Service

Can your clients expect excellent service every step of the way? Don’t let delivery trip you up.

Here’s how using a premium courier service will level up your business:

In the words of Maya Angelou, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Delivering a truly memorable experience needs to encapsulate every step of the process, including how your goods are transported. The delivery service is an extension of your client’s experience with your company and using a dedicated courier service is the best way to ensure that your clients never have to worry about a difficult delivery process, damaged goods or late arrivals and your business’s hard work can be the star of the show.

In the case of Dilly + Diti, a boutique events company based in London, the aim is to create “unforgettable memories” for clients and their guests. Each event or gift is beautifully and skilfully crafted and curated to leave a lasting impression. However, when the pandemic hit and they were no longer able to deliver those services in person, co-founders Estelle and Aphrodite had to find a way to transport those experiences to their high-profile and corporate clients in their own homes.


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To illustrate how working with premium courier service, Evo Logistics, helps Dilly + Diti to deliver excellent customer service from a distance, we spoke to founder Estelle. 

Why did you decide to use a sameday dedicated courier service?

“The reason we were in contact with Evo is because of COVID. Obviously the landscape of events changed dramatically and we all went virtual. After some rather negative experience with the mainstream courier companies where parcels were missing or severely delayed, we started to look for a same day courier and that’s where we came across Evo.

For us and for the clients, especially if you’re a company that prides yourself on your service, it’s got to be a reflection on our service. [Evo is] a third party to us. However, it’s very important that who we choose is a reflection of how we would expect to deliver. When you’re in control of an event it’s very different but when you’re handing it over to somebody else, you need to have that confidence.”

What surprised you about using a sameday service? 

“People discount sameday service because they think it’s going to be too expensive but if you compare it to a lot of the 48 hour services, they’re not worlds apart.

We did a lot of research to find a company that specialises in same day. We’re lucky in that our client base expect high service and are happy to pay for that.”


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There are many notable perks to using Evo Logistics’ premium sameday dedicated service:

    • Your driver will be dedicated to your consignment. They will personally collect your goods and drive them directly to their destination. 
    • Your shipment will never enter a multi-drop network or central depot.
    • Your shipment will be fully trackable with photographic evidence at multiple stages of the journey and on delivery.
    • Your goods will be fully covered by our Goods In Transit insurance.
    • Personal service will mean that we will help you find the perfect logistics solution.
    • Your shipment will be collected and en route to its destination within an hour of confirming your booking (or at the agreed time), so you can feel assured that time-critical good will arrive quickly.
    • You have control over your delivery service which helps to leave a lasting impression on your clients that your company cares about every aspect of their experience.


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How have your clients responded to your delivery options?

“They would rather pay for a service and know that it’s guaranteed to be there without too much stress. When you look at the individual cost of a same day courier, yes it is more expensive than if you were to send a parcel via a mainstream courier company. However, you have the comfort that it will be handled with care, it will reach the receipt in good time and you have that personal service. So yes, it does cost more but I personally believe the cost negates itself vs the time spent trying to trace a parcel.”

What has your experience been like working with Evo Logistics?

“The personal service from Kevin has been phenomenal. The drivers were really friendly and that was a big deal for couriers. They were courteous, they were helpful.

[For one of the jobs], we had to get a parcel from Edinburgh to London on the same day in order to get to an event that day. The turnaround and speed of it was just exceptional. It was an exceptional service so being able to do that for our corporate client so that person could join in the event was brilliant.”

Would you say that working with Evo Logistics has added value to your business?

“It’s definitely a value add service. It has saved us a huge amount of time, so that equals money. It’s become an extension of our service because we pride ourselves on a service that we offer our clients and they expect a high level of service from us. These are long-standing customers of ours.”

Take back control of your clients’ experience today by using a premium courier service to deliver value to your business.

To find out how Evo Logistics could benefit your business, give us a call on 0333 188 5391 or fill in our simple online form to receive a quote today.

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